Saturday, January 23, 2010


Finally the weather broke on a weekend and I could get out and about. For so long here in Central Pennsylvania the weekends have been full of wind, rain, gloom, and doom, but today we got sun, no wind, and 40 degree weather. It was great. I was able to get out and do some cleaning up in the garden.

For weeks I've been doing quick checks on my Hellebores, watching all the new growth and soon to be flowers. I got the chance to clean all the old foliage and tree debris from around the little guys. Ahh, it felt like I was normal again after being stuck to just thinking about the garden all winter.

Cleaning up my Hellebore bed is an especially great experience for me because I just made this bed last summer, so this will be the first year to see what it can really do. Prior to this new bed I only had one Hellebore in my main garden. I will be sure to post pictures when they all flower. There are about 40 plants in this area so it should be quite beautiful.

My garden at home has been gloomy with no new growth (except the Hellebores) while my "garden" at work has started to grow and flower. I'll hopefully post pictures tomorrow of some of the new happenings.

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  1. looking forward to seeing what that little area turns into over the next few months