Saturday, February 13, 2010

Primula Season!!!

Tis time for the primulas to come along. Perhaps one of the earliest to bloom in the greenhouse and one of the most stunning. This opinion only coming from one year's experience working with the little guys. We started many Primula varieties from seed many months ago and for the longest time I was hesitant to even think they would make it. However after a real rough first three week in their plug trays they perked up to be one of my favorites. I think deep down they are my current favorites because for once all the work paid off. The photos below are of Primula 'You and Me Maroon' and Primula 'You and Me Golden'.

There is another in the series, Primula 'You and Me Cream' but he isn't blooming yet. I can't wait until I see some kind of bloomin' action, the Cream was the trickiest of the three to get going. In fact I think I can pick out the frown line on my face that is from the trying Primula 'You and Me Cream'. Hopefully I'll see some to them bloom soon and I'll be sure to post.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well for anybody not in the Northeast just wanted to inform you that we got hammered with snow overnight. Central Pennsylvania got 14-20 inches depending on where you are. The fun part comes next when the wind blows for the next day. Huge drifts coming our way. After all the shoveling is done it makes it a fun day to spend time in the greenhouse. Here is what is going on in my greenhouse.

The above is a picture of a succulent that I am not entirely sure what it is. When babies were given to me they called it burro's ears. Anybody out there know what its Latin name is. It blooms every winter in the greenhouse and then dies. Then I replant one of it hundreds of babies and start the process all over again.

Below we have my collection of amaryllis. Every year I buy a few after season when they go on sale and you can get them for a buck a piece at Lowe's. A few years ago I potted them up to see what would happen. Looking back I wish I would have picked a prettier pot, maybe I'll repot this year. Now every year they bloom profusely and every year I am amazed that they came back and some of the first bulbs are like 7 inches in diameter. It's ridiculously awesome. I'm not usually a bulb grower but it is quite rewarding.

There is plenty more but that is all for now. I have to go clean up snow!!!